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Young Ones Brief/Ask:

Put Budweiser's beer front and center to drive

recruitment with their younger audience.


A lot of statues were toppled in 2020. So, I decided to build newer and more meaningful ones for everybody. I also gave everyone the chance to tell other's stories.


Interactive Outdoor

Public Screens

These screens turn bystanders into their own virtual statues. And yes, they can take pictures because the screens auto-freeze the statues for some time.


Since it’s more difficult than not to build legitimate statues for people, this is the next best thing! The (short) story telling sequence, by the featured bust on the label, will be activated only after the app has been downloaded and pointed on the label.

The label will also feature contemporary heroes.
Drinkers can share stories of their friends
and vice versa on Budweiser’s online portal.


All stories will be voted for. Whoever wins will
be showcased on the next set of labels.

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