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Young Ones Brief/Ask:

Communicate that 100% of the Burger King menu is now 100% real while cutting through the sea of sameness of "real" claims.


Burger King will distribute its native products through farmer's markets (but incognito).



Phase 1:


Getting the word out there

about King's Stock by reaching out to actual Farmer's Market organizations.

Phase 2:


The actual Market!

This is what the

markets would

look like:

Phase 2:



Products for

the Market:

Phase 3: The Reveal

All shoppers will receive a slip that contains a QR code that will have coupons for their next visit.

Instead, this will be the moment when they’ll find out that they had been shopping with BK all this time. There will be coupons, but they’ll be for BK (so they can taste the realness). *giggles*

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