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Create branded content for Tide to help further customer engagement.



Release a social media derivative of a TV-show in the form of instagram threads. The storyline is poking fun at how articles of clothing go mysteriously missing after a load from time to time. Thus, CS-Tide is born, a fictional police force dedicated to finding these missing clothing articles.


An Instagram


An episode will be released each week, therefore, each season will exactly be a month long. And we’ve replaced the word “episode” with “load.” Get it? Load? because Laundry? *giggles*

Swipe me!
and experience the story!

(and see what detergent bottle policemen look like!)

Public Activation: Interactive Bus Stops

This bus stop actually has a screen that the person up there is swiping on to catch up on this week’s episode of CS-Tide. Free entertainment!

Public Activation (part 2): Limited Edition Bottles

The bottles will have the QR codes that will take them directly to the instagram thread for that week’s CS-tide episode.

And the endcap concept to be in tandem with the release of said bottles.

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